One Only Need Eggs | International Student Exchange | Animation | 2021

One only need eggs is a student animation film by CD 2018 students of NID AP.

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‘The film is an allusion to the interpersonal relationship between human society and the systems they manifest to control themselves against different values (eg. gay marriage, school, basic rules and literally anything that we humans tell ourselves). The girl here represents society and the eggs are the groups of people with various values who are either praised or discriminated against. The kid judges them through the game she plays on her phone.

The objective of this project is to find international connections and develop collaborative skills. This project also helped me explore Animation for the first time after we had our basic Locomotion course 4 months prior to this project.

Communication students were to design 2-minute audio to exchange with other colleges in the ISEP. We ideated, created a story and designed a 2-minute soundtrack. We formed our team, Karthik, Sree Sriya, Shruti Sudha Sahu, Priyanka V, Tanmay Sanwal and Nachiket. We named the team the beast name ‘Eli Kutty’ which means tiny mouse. We got audio made by Jana Marzi from a KHM team.

The Audio we made
The Audio we got


Creating the Audio

Started by creating the audio, we came up with different stories.

We went with the second Idea.

We shared this audio in the audio pool. We got audio from the pool made by Jana Marzi, a student from KHM.

Creating the film

We started by analysing the audio we got.

Our group settled on to Story 3 after analysing the pros and cons of each story and the feasibility of the concept.


We did multiple character iterations and space ideations in the early stages.

We wanted a robot character that is friendly and approachable enough yet creepy. So, Sree Sriya came up with the following sketch.

We ended up with a character that has eyes at the end of the tentacles, which is also a balloon that expands to go up and shrinks to come down.

We also did ideations for the girl, tried to give a certain Indian look.


The story happens in a space with three different parts – The girl’s space (egg pod), the space outside the pods and then the space above the pods where the eggs are sorted.

ideation for the space above the pods

One of the issues we came across was, ‘how do we show that an entire factory is above the pods and everyone is eventually judged?’ For this, I made an animation of rails closing in while zooming out of the 3D animation of pods that Shruthi did.


We had the story ready and the space ready. But each one of us had a medium in mind. Also, this being an experimental animation, we wanted to try something new. We all agreed to do pixel animation as that can be easily adapted to multiple styles, for Eg. 3D animated style.

We analysed different mediums, did some experiments and settled with Pixel animation.

We also while making the animation made an error of keeping the last part unanimated. And it kind of made sense, like the egg, is being judged and being disposed of for the good eggs to prosper, that bad egg realises that something had happened. As the ground reality hits the egg, while it falls, it struggles and climbs up, but the reality is very clear that it is not even pixelated. And it is also in a dreamy state as if the egg has no control over its destiny.

So, we had 2 different mediums for 2 different realities. One for the blurred reality where each girl in a pod plays a game of destiny that controls others destiny and the clear reality where the yolk (unhatched girl) realises that her destiny is controlled by millions of others around her.

And that concludes the process and takes us to the final part.

Sound Design

After compiling the film based on the audio that was given to us by Jana Marzi, the film was kind of ‘unbaked’. We were guided a little by Mr Bhasker Agarwal for the sound design.

Audio before sound design:

After sound design: (Please use earphones/headphones)

Submission & Compilation

After completion, the film was submitted to ‘Bestiary on the net’ by KHM. Ours, along with many other films were compiled and made into a single film for the year 2021. They will be released on Vimeo. I’ll update the link here when it happens.


You can check out other team members’ Behance / Instagram here.

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