Finally, I made my portfolio page!

This is also my website hosting story.

I tried hand coding the website. It took a lot of time. I coded day and night. People liked it. But I did not know how to code a blog. I searched for alternatives. I knew about WordPress but I never tried it. I moved my website into a sub-domain – (does not work now) and made the main site a WordPress site.

At this time, I was hosted on Awardspace. They are good but they had a bandwidth cap of 5GB. This is how my website looked.

Old website hosted on Awardspace

But I stopped working at a 1.6GB usage. I waited for a day. It showed SSL_ERR. I know no more. I tried to find alternatives. I found Infinityfree hosting (without email), and 10Xhosting who all host for free and have no cap on bandwidth. I could have gone to But since I got SSL_ERR and since I was not sure if it allows me to upload my own SSL, I went to Infinityfree hosting. I decided to use my own Email.

Finally, today at 12AM, I finished designing the website. This is how it looks.

Anyways, I will be blogging here and will also be posting my work here. So stay tuned! …I guess.

Byeee 🙂