I decided to build my Design Portfolio.

Let’s be honest here. Behance is not a portfolio page. Yeah alright, some people use it, but it has its limitations. I wanted more, something personalised and easily navigatable. So what I did? I bought a domain name. 


You can check it out. There is not much there except what I want to be in my portfolio. I searched for people similar to my interests and looked at their portfolios. Once I had a good idea, I made some concepts. I coded it from scratch based on bootstrap. After making the home page I realised something more important that I have been avoiding for a long time. The content for my portfolio.

Yes, I suck. (for now)

The lazy guy I am, I planned for the content and projects that I was going to put on my website. I started learning web coding solely for this purpose. But as I said, I’m lazy, AF. I neither did my projects nor learn to code. (I know basic HTML, CSS and Javascript) Don’t judge, it gets better.

I know I’m going to work only if there is something that will push me. I guess I knew the right thing to do. Also, hats off to Samiksha to force me to do this. I joined an internship. I sent out 4 similar emails to 4 different companies looking for interns. I got a reply from Roli books the next day. They told me they will pay me only 5k per month. I had to weigh the pro and cons. On one hand, I get to create the portfolio I dreamed of making, I get to experience the industry and I can put Roli books on my resume. The only negative thing is money. 5k is way less to pay an intern. Anyways, the positives outweigh the negatives, so I accepted the damn offer. 

Let’s see where this thing takes me and if I get to make good stuff that I can put on my portfolio.

p.s. This is my Behance: https://www.behance.net/karthiksridhar and this is how my website looks. (for now) 

(www.sskarthik.comLet me know in the comments if you like it.